Canvassing with Connect

Our next webinar will be on Canvassing with Connect and will be held at 12:30 and again at 17:00 on Monday 22 July.

Connect continues to be our most powerful campaigning tool. As both our database of electors and where we store the data that we collect, it is vital to successful campaigning. This webinar will go through the basics of using Connect and will also show how Connect fits into a wider campaign. Making sure that you can make the most of the system.

During this webinar, we will look at:

  • What Connect is and how it helps us campaign
  • How we use Connect on a day-to-day basis
  • What Connect can tell us
  • How we can use Connect as part of our wider campaigning

The webinar will last around 45 minutes and is free for ALDC members.

If you wish to take part, please register.

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