Thank you leaflets 2019

Saying thank you to those who’ve taken their time and energy to go and vote is one of the most important things you can do as part of your post election campaign.

Normally as soon as the local elections are over, we advise local parties to put out a thank you leaflet as quickly as possible.

This year is different – as we are fighting a European Election on Thursday 23 May. That European Campaign began in earnest on Friday 3 May and we will be in a regulated period up until EU election day. This means we’re strongly recommending that local parties DO NOT put out a thank you leaflet until 23 May.

Because we are in the regulated period any spending between May 3-23 must have direct sign off from the national party’s spending agents. If you do not know who that is in your region please contact the national party using

Luckily the European Elections are just a few short weeks away so we’ve put together a bulk buy on Thank You leaflets. We’ve included options for your delivery dates that mean you can get a local leaflet for delivery straight after the Euros or wait for the Euro news to filter in. Sign up for the bulk buy.


But it’s not just the electorate you need to thank, you also need to thank your members and helpers. Here’s a template thank you letter that you can use.


This year’s thank you leaflet deal, Election Workshop have decided to maintain the three leaflet deal prices (which are their lowest ever rate) and specifically for ALDC members. They are also offering a flat rate £49 for designing the leaflet using the template provided.

You can sign up for the bulk buy here.

Leaflet print run between:A3A4
1 and 500£79£59
501 and 1000£95£75
1001 and 1500£135£85
1501 and 2000£155£89
2001 and 2500£179£95
2501 and 3000£187£99
3001 and 3500£205£110
3501 and 4000£223£120
4001 and 4500£241£130
4501 and 5000£259£139
5001 and 5500£277£150
5501 and 6000£295£160
6001 and 6500£313£170
6501 and 7000£331£180
7001 and 7500£349£190
7501 and 8000£367£200
8001 and 8500£385£210
8501 and 9000£403£220
9001 and 9500£421£230
9501 and 10000£439£240

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