Get Out The Vote

After we’ve convinced people to support our cause, and collected data on who our likely supporters are we have one stage left to get our best result in an election – Get Out The Vote (GOTV).

After all we know that to win an election we need more votes in the ballot box on the day (or in the postal vote) to ensure victory.

But how can we use this information to work out our tactics for polling day and the run up to it? Quite simply we need to remind people who are likely to support us to use their vote.

Talking to voters

We know that talking to voters increases their propensity to vote at a given election so over the next few days and particularly on polling day we need to focus all our efforts on speaking to our supporters and reminding them to vote.


Leaflets help to cement our messages with voters and they also boost turnout (but not as much as a chat). Make sure you don’t let up in your literature campaign in the final week and think about targeting some of your leaflets or letters.

Polling day

The first Thursday in May is when we can all make a massive difference. If you haven’t booked it off work yet then do it now! On polling day we need our whole team to step up, reminding our voters to get out and vote all the way until polls close at 10pm. It’s the busiest day of the year but with some real hard work it can be one of the best too!

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Stay focused

When we’re tired and we’ve worked hard all year it can be easy to lose focus in the run up to the election. But luckily the concept is simple, for the next week just ask yourself every day: “What am I doing today to get more Lib Dem votes in the ballot box?”

Let’s go out there and make our own luck!


ALDC members can phone us on 0161 212 1012 or email with any questions weekdays all year round.

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