European campaign kicking off in Scotland

European elections are taking place and it is great to see a brilliant team of six candidates in Scotland with Sheila Ritchie topping the list. It is equally great to see the enthusiasm of local campaigners and councillors for taking part in what will be the most important European elections ever.

This week the first leaflets for delivery will be landing across Scotland. It has been very encouraging to see how many local parties have signed up to deliver in their areas and we hope to see lots of delivery and canvassing. There will be two other leaflet editions coming later in the campaign.

We have a great opportunity to send the Conservatives a message by getting a Liberal Democrat MEP elected in Scotland. It will require us all to work hard and anything you can do to help will make a big difference.

If you want to discuss campaigning in your local area for the European elections, please get in touch with me, Cllr James Calder, ALDC Scottish Development Officer, at

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