What to think about with 100 days to polling day

On Monday 21 January there are officially only 100 days until Polling Day! The count down is on…

We’ve come up with a few things you need to start thinking about now to improve your chances of winning on Thursday 2 May.

Blue ink letters

Usually delivered on the Monday before polling day, the hand-addressed envelopes are a staple of our election literature.

If you haven’t started preparing them yet, now’s the time to start. If you have an existing clerical team they’ll appreciate having enough time to complete the task well. If you don’t you’ll need time to recruit. Make sure you give your clerical helpers clear instructions on how you want the envelopes addressing.

And don’t forget, a blue ink letter to postal voters is a key part of a good get out the vote campaign. The postal vote register may not be available yet, but when it is get back in touch with your clerical team.

You can buy blue envelopes from our print partners Election Workshop.

Get in touch with your deliverers

You will be delivering more leaflets than usual in the election period, and many of your volunteers will be happy to help with those extra drops.

Getting in touch with them now to talk through your planned schedule and seeing what they are able to do is a great use of time before it gets too busy.

If they are happy to have leaflets dropped on their doorstep or porch, you can save a lot of time over the election period, but always ask first. A lot of deliverers will like having you round for a quick chat. Make sure you leave your contact details each time in case they can’t deliver for any reason.

…and don’t forget about other volunteers!

There will be more clerical work over this period as well. With polling stations to cover, data to input, leaflets to wholesale, doors to knock on, phone calls to make and emails to send – there are lots of ways that volunteers can get involved in your campaign.

Speak to everyone about everything, but prioritise the jobs you most need filling. You never know what people may be happy to help with, so try not to make assumptions. Too often we see people who won’t ask people to do something because of preconceptions and biases they have, e.g. ‘they’re too old to deliver’, ‘too young to run something’, or ‘I can’t ask them to canvass they wouldn’t like it’, etc.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family too, building a big team for the election period is often the difference between winning and losing.

Candidate nomination papers

The most important part of your campaign! If you don’t get your nomination forms in on time your candidates won’t be on the ballot paper at all.

You can download the forms from the electoral commission website or get candidate packs from your local council and stay tuned to our webinars and training to for help on how to fill them in. It’s worth thinking about and planning this early, especially if it’s your first time. Read through all the nomination articles on the link above and get to grips with what you’ll need to do when the time comes.

…and finally – Polling Day

Polling day and postal vote polling day are key dates for your diary. We’ve already spoken about making sure volunteers are booked in for both (and all the days in between), but to make the most out of our volunteers we need to be organised.

One of the jobs you should get out of the way now is sorting out your committee room boxes. Use this committee room checklist to fill up boxes for each committee room you’ll have on polling day, that way you’ll know you’ve got everything you need. There is nothing stopping you and your team from doing your committee room boxes now.

With 100 days to go, let’s make every day count!

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