Tell us your 2019 candidates

Don’t forget to let us know your candidates for the 2019 elections!

Fill in our short online form.

One of our roles within the party is to produce a list of candidates for each set of local elections and report on the numbers. And we need your help to do this.

What’s in it for the candidates?

  • Candidates supplied to us will be able to access our Election Law Helpline from mid-March (ALDC members can at anytime). This means they’ll get free support on all election law topics by phone.
  • Our candidate list helps the party to keep track of target areas and provide advice and support to get more Liberal Democrat councillors elected. We provide stats to the HQ press team and leader’s office.
  • Candidates will receive support, inspiration and encouragement in the form of our Election Briefing mailings. If they’d rather not receive them, they can opt out.

So please fill in the form or send the URL ( encouraging your organiser, candidate or other colleagues to let us know. If you have multiple candidates, you can email Jenny (

Judy Menges says

I am trying to find a statement from the Lib Dem councillors standing in my ward of North Norfolk district Council. I know there names but that is all, I can find nothing online and nothing has come through my door - it has for the conservatives!
I have emailed Norman Lamb but had no reply
I hope to vote Lib Dem but I (and probably many others) cannot make an informed choice if there are no hustings and or statements.

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