Motion: ‘People’s Vote on Brexit’

Here is an example of a “People’s Vote” motion on Brexit, supporting people having the final say, as recently passed by Liberal Democrat Watford Council. Feel free to adapt for your own area. Has your council discussed the issue yet?

Council notes that:

  1. While Watford’s EU referendum result was the closest in the UK, and marginally in favour of Leave, recent opinion polls indicate that there has been a significant swing in favour of a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal
  2. The Government’s own impact assessments show that the UK is likely to be worse off in every scenario after Brexit
  3. There will be severe damage to our international relationships, reduced influence with other states, and the complete loss of say and control over the rules of the European Single Market and Customs Union, the largest market in the world
  4. There are a large number of non-UK EU nationals living in Watford who are concerned about the impact of Brexit on their lives, and that their current rights are not being fully protected
  5. That the Government has totally mismanaged the Brexit negotiations. The ‘Chequers Statement’, issued on 6th July 2018, (the closest indication yet of what a final deal might look like), has been rejected by EU negotiators and has also managed to alienate both supporters and opponents of Brexit
  6. The NHS is experiencing severe problem in recruiting nurses and doctors since the decision was made to leave the European Union, and this is having a real negative impact on the health of local residents.
  7. The UK economy is now the slowest growing economy in Europe, reducing the prosperity of the UK and our local residents. New investment in the area is being jeopardised and new job opportunities are being lost.
  8. Inflation caused by Brexit-related depreciation of the pound is driving up living costs for our poorest residents, further squeezing their living standards
  9. There will be a negative impact on our established mutually beneficial partnerships and links with European cities.

Council therefore:

  1. Believes that the people should have scrutiny of what is being negotiated on their behalf and an opportunity to vote on the final deal, including the option to remain in the EU
  2. Formally adds its voice to those calling for a public ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal
  3. Asks the Mayor to write to Watford’s MP expressing these views and asking him to support a ‘People’s Vote’

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