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Grants are now available to help local parties with 2019 local elections. The grants are open to anyone to apply.

‘G8’ is the Party’s grant scheme for local elections. The Federal Party, as well as the English, Scottish and Welsh Parties all put money into the scheme, which is administered by ALDC.

This year ‘Early Start’ grants are being provided (thanks to some extra support from the English Party). These are grants you need to apply for now (before 30 September 2018) which are for places that already have candidates in place and have already been door knocking and delivering literature this summer.

The Committee expects to be mostly funding wards we think we can ‘gain’, but will consider ‘difficult defences’ in some circumstances.

We expect the process to be repeated later in the year for a larger pot of grants, which will fund activity in the first couple of months of 2019.

In both rounds, we’re going to be normally paying for a product, rather than giving you actual cash. The aim is to add to your existing campaign. This will be either;

  • 2 x mailings to ‘squeeze voters’
  • 1 x mailing to postal voters
  • 1 x postal voter recruitment mailing and packs

All the mailings are sent out in the post directly to voters and these products are also available to buy directly yourselves from our print partners at Election Workshop.

To apply to be part of this G8 scheme, please complete the form here.

To be eligible, you must have:

  • A candidate(s) is in place.
  • A realistic chance of gaining the seat (or a very difficult defence*).
  • Be able to show delivery of literature has been taking place over the summer and a literature plan is in place up to the elections.
  • Been knocking on doors over the summer and a plan of door-knocking and phoning voters is in place up to the elections.
  • Agreed a clear and realistic strategy across the authority for the 2019 elections and which wards will be targeted.

(*We will only fund difficult defences if, across the authority as a whole, there is a plan to move forwards and gain seats.)

Our Fighting Fund also provides money to fund local council by-elections, and to help places just starting out.

Our Local Election Appeal hopes to raise funds to provide extra grants to the 100 most marginal wards next May.

Find out more about all of our grant schemes.

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