Member referral offer: Receive a £50 print voucher

Our latest recruitment offer for ALDC members… recommend someone to join us and receive a £50 print voucher from Election Workshop.

How does the offer work?

  1. Recommend someone to join us. Who could you recommend? Someone from your local team: a current/former candidate (local or PPC), activist, agent, deliverer…
  2. The new joiner enters your name in the ‘person who recommended you join’ field whilst completing the online registration form at:
  3. Election Workshop will email you your voucher. Use it to aid your campaigning.
  4. Small print: There’s no limit to the number of people you can recommended and the number of vouchers you can receive. You can use your £50 voucher with any Election Workshop product(s) with a minimum value of £100 (excluding postage and carriage). Voucher is valid for 120 days from date of issue. One voucher per purchase.

Your support to help us recruit more members means we’ll be able to provide more advice, resources and training to help more people win across the country and to help the party grow.

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