Draft motion on Brexit

Catherine Bearder MEP has asked us to circulate the following draft council motion on Brexit.

Full council believes:

  1. That there is mounting and indisputable evidence of damage that ‘Brexit’ would cause both to the national economy and to our regional economy.
  2. The damage to our international relationships, the reducing influence with other states and the complete loss of say and control over the rules of the European Single Market and Customs Union, the largest market in the world.
  3. That the Government has totally mismanaged the Brexit negotiations and has failed to work closely with Scotland/Wales/regions and local authorities and listen to our concerns on the direction followed.
  4. That businesses within the region, like those elsewhere in the UK, are reconsidering investment plans in new production and new jobs while they await the Brexit deal.
  5. That the current rights of EU citizens living in the UK should always be fully protected and not used as a bargaining chip by the UK Government.

Full council notes:

  1. The increasing problems that the NHS is having in recruiting nurses and doctors since the decision to leave the European Union was made and that this is having a real impact on the health of local residents.
  2. With concern the potential impact of Brexit both on our local economy and on established mutually beneficial partnerships and links with European cities.
  3. That the UK economy is now the slowest growing economy in Europe, reducing the prosperity of the UK and our local residents.
  4. That new investment in the region is being jeopardised and new job opportunities are being lost.
  5. That Inflation caused by Brexit-related depreciation of the pound is driving up living costs for the poorest residents, a further squeezing of living standards.
  6. That Bristol, Brighton & Hove and Hammersmith & Fulham councils have already passed motions that back a vote on the final deal and an option to stay within the European Union.

Full council resolves to:

  1. Ask the Leader of the Council to write to our local Member of Parliament/Members of Parliament and James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, expressing this Council’s strong desire for a vote on the final deal, including the option to maintain full EU membership.
  2. Ask the Leader of the Council to write to all Leaders of Local Authorities in the UK urging them to also adopt a policy calling for a vote on the final deal including an option to maintain full EU membership.

Isabel says

Thank you Catherine.

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