Blue and cream envelope bulk buy

Blue-ink handwritten letters provide a massive contrast to the typed and laser-printed letters that have now become a core part of any successful election campaign. They can take a lot of time to organise but they are well worth it. The feedback that you get from them, especially the first time they have gone out in an area, shows you how effective and popular they are with voters.

Our print partners, Election Workshop, are offering blue and cream C6 envelopes at £12.50 per box.

Envelopes and their delivery are liable to VAT at 20% (which is the same with any other company). There is a limited stock which has already been purchased, and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Payment will be taken at the end of the order process by card.

Purchase your envelopes.

We’ve partnered up with Election Workshop to offer members affordable print, direct mail, artwork and campaign materials. In return, Election Workshop make an agreed donation to the ALDC Fighting Fund for every single order.

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