The easiest thing you’ll ever do to help the Liberal Democrats

Tell us who’s standing for the Liberal Democrats in your area using our form.

Over the past year we’ve started to gather a full list of candidates standing in the 2018 local elections.

Why does it matter if we know who the candidates are?

  1. We use this information to provide grants to key areas.
  2. We provide support through our special Election Law helpline which is free for all Liberal Democrat candidates and agents (but only if we know who they are)
  3. We mail out a series of free election briefings, complete with advice, bargain print deals and tips and tricks.
  4. It helps us and the national party field press questions to do with the local elections.

Save us valuable time and ensure our candidates get access to materials that could help them get over the winning line in May and fill in our form.

Don’t leave it to someone else, we’d rather have the information twice than not at all. If you have a long list of candidates to tell us, it might be easier to put the contents in an email and send it to Jenny ( Please also email if you are standing down this time, and fill in the new candidate’s details if you know them.

Thank you in advance from all the team.

Colin Simpson says

There are no local elections planned for Scotland in 2018 so why is this included in the Scottish edition?

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