Update on PagePlus – the party’s recommended desk top publishing package

Many of you have recently been asking about the future of PagePlus, the party’s recommended Desk Top Publishing (DTP) package.

We expect the current version of PagePlus to continue working for years to come and we will be using it for the foreseeable future.

Serif are developing a successor to PagePlus called ‘Affinity Publisher’ but it won’t be out until 2018 or later. When released it will work on Windows and Mac.

We currently plan to wait until Affinity Publisher is released and then assess it alongside all other viable alternatives to decide which programme we use next.

If you ever have any queries about PagePlus, don’t forget that as an ALDC member you also have access to our advice services.

Our telephone advice service is open 9.30am – 5pm weekdays by calling 0161 212 1012. And our online advice service can be contacted at any time and we’ll respond within 24 hours during the week. ALDC members can also use our member-only private Facebook Group to ask fellow members for advice and guidance.

Bob Kilmister says

Affinity exists already for Mac & Windows.

Steve Hunt says

If you have a Mac you can use Affinity Designer to work from PDF templates saved from PagePlus. The functionality is amazing, with almost infinite adjustments, but it’s a professional tool so not as user friendly as desk top publishing programs. Also you can’t mail merge from Affinity Designer. But is inexpensive, and Unlike PagePlus Serif are still supporting it. Most Mac users may prefer this option to going back to Windows. Especially Windows 10.

Robin Grayson says

Hi Claire

Charles suggests I get PagePlus

Any idea where I should get it?

cheers, Robin

David Mead says

Some of us are quite attached to PagePlus! It would be a pity if you changed to issuing your publications in a format not compatible with PagePlus.

Susan Henchley says

We have a member who would like to get PagePlus. Can you tell me how he can get it please.

Christopher G says

Hi. When you come to consider this in the future, can I say that Mac support is vital. I am no longer prepared to run an old Windows machine simply to run PagePlus. I haven't bought a Windows computer for a considerable amount of time, and I won't be the only one who's in the same position!

Richard Cole says

It is available here http://www.serif.com/pageplus/

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