Learn to be an agent – at Kickstart

Being an agent in elections is becoming ever more complex. Today, an agent needs to consider data protection and PPERA (the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act) as well as thinking about traditional electoral and other relevant laws, including the seemingly archaic Newspapers, Printers and Reading Rooms Repeal Act.

The legal framework we operate in continues to develop and election law has become increasingly varied, with specific rules relating to devolved, metro-mayoral and other elections.

We have developed a course to take prospective election agents through the process of being an agent, the current legislative framework and the pitfalls an agent faces. The course is suitable for complete beginners and those who want to bring their knowledge up to date.

The course is being run over three training sessions at Kickstart, to allow attendees to cover the whole course in one weekend.

Along with mentoring and other training, Kickstart offers a great value way to train as an agent.

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In the first part, we consider the role and legal standing of the agent, the election timetable, the candidate nomination process, the subject of money is introduced and we look at postal voting.

In the second session, we look at other legal issues, imprints and data protection before considering polling day and the count.

The final session returns to money and considers record keeping, donations, expenditure and digital issues. We look at expense returns, wastage and accounting for expenditure on party systems.

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