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I suspect you will, like all of us at ALDC, be tired and have some mixed emotions about the General Election results. It is brilliant that we have a bigger group of 12 MPs, but also a shame that we have lost some great colleagues from Parliament, and failed to see some great MPs elected or re-elected.

Thank you for everything you have done as a candidate, agent, organiser and campaigner.

However, there’s one vital task you should do immediately: you need to say thank you to your helpers, deliverers and campaign colleagues.

Saying “thank you” to voters is traditionally done with a thank you FOCUS delivered as soon as possible throughout your ward, although there are other options too!

You can use letters, cards or make phone calls to people who helped your election campaign.

Another top tip is to write to the 10 people who signed your nomination papers to say thank you for allowing X number of residents to vote Lib Dem.


Bulk buy deal

Election Workshop are providing a special offer for ALDC members. There is free delivery for RISO and full colour Thank You leaflets ordered before July 5th.

If you order a RISO leaflet before noon on a Monday, Election Workshop will guarantee to have the leaflet with you by Friday.

If you order a full-colour leaflet, you will receive it within seven working days. To make the deal even better, Election Workshop are offering a £20 discount on each additional full-colour leaflet ordered at the same time.

Check out their prices and order below.

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