General Election Briefing – 10th May 2017

This briefing article aims to boil down some of the key dates, advice and resources you’ll need for the General Election Campaign.


First and foremost we must make it clear that over the next four weeks ALDC members’ talents will be best used in a target seat. For many this will mean getting in your car or taking public transport to your nearest target seat. If you want some guidance to find out where you should go and help, call us on 0161 212 1012. The last set of county elections shows that we can increase our vote share a lot but still lose seats.


ALDC members will know that we’re available to give advice on council and campaigning queries all year round. During General Election time we also run a special ‘Election Law Helpline’ for all Liberal Democrats. Find out more about this service.

ALDC members can also find everything they need on our Advice FAQ site.


Here at ALDC we provide the resources you need to campaign, all year every year. This is still the case during the General Election. Visit the links below to see some of the resources we’ve provided for your General Election Campaign so far:

Important Deadlines

  • 11th May (tomorrow) – Deadline for delivery of nomination papers and nomination of election agent (4pm)
  • 11th May (tomorrow) – Publication of statement of persons nominated (you can find out who’s on the ballot)
  • 22nd May – Deadline for registering to vote (midnight)
  • 23rd May – Deadline for postal vote applications (5pm)
  • 31st May – Deadline for proxy vote applications (not postal proxy or emergency proxy) (5pm)
  • 1st June – Deadline for notification of polling and counting agents (midnight)
  • 2nd June – First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes
  • 8th June – Polling day

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