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On May 4th, 2,432 candidates are flying the flag for Liberal Democracy.

Our performance as a Party will change the lives of millions. It will also be seen as another marker in the rebuilding of the Party and our performance in comparison to both Labour and the Tories will be the backdrop to June’s General Election.

Wherever we are in the UK, these elections are crucial. We all need to take our responsibility to work hard to make sure we get the best result possible.

In the last few days of any campaign, we know that things can get a little stressful and so we want this to be your go-to page to find all the bits and pieces that you’ll need.


All of our normal templates – from Focus leaflets to blue letters, can be found here.

And you can start planning your final days’ leaflets, using the templates below:

  • Eve of poll leaflet, two-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Eve of poll leaflet, full-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Good morning sunrise leaflet, two-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Good morning sunrise leaflet, full-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Good morning plank – PagePlus and PDF
  • Knock-up 1 addressed version, two-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Knock-up 2, black and white – PagePlus and PDF
  • Knock-up 3, two-colour – PagePlus and PDF
  • Knock-up 4, two-colour – PagePlus and PDF


To help you on polling day, here are a few more helpful templates, including: a polling day briefing and script, car list, committee room list, literature examples, planner for people, sign-in sheet, tellers rota, useful numbers list and a preparation list – PagePlus and PDF


We have a handy expenses tracker spreadsheet for the campaign. Please download it.

The limit in England and Wales for local elections is £740 + 6p per elector.

“Per elector” means every elector shown on the register as in force on the last day for publication of notice of election. Voters who may not vote in the relevant election, e.g. EU citizen voters who may not vote in a UK Parliamentary Election, should be excluded from the calculations for that election. However, ‘rising 18 year olds’ who are on the register but will not attain voting age by election day can be included. However, it is not a good idea to run so close to the expense limit that this small number will be critical.

Check and agree a total with your Returning Officer. Be aware though, that identifying the correct expenses limit is an agent’s responsibility. If you’re given wrong advice by the Returning Officer or other officers, this would not be a valid defence if you then overspent as a result. More information is available for England and Wales and Scotland.

Any materials promoting General Election (GE) candidates, which are clearly about the GE and referring solely to GE issues in content, which are distributed during the regulated period for the Local and Mayoral elections, do not need to be included in expense returns for Local and Mayoral elections, but any amounts delivered after the start of a candidate’s GE regulated period should appear on the Candidate Return for the GE.


We run an Election Law Helpline service for the Party throughout the 2017 election period and we cover all of the elections, including Scotland and Wales. It’s vital that everyone in the Party stays on the right side of the law throughout the campaign, and we’ll be here to provide advice to help you do this.


ALDC members can browse our up-to-date advice resources on our advice micro-site (it’s one of the member dashboard tabs ). Articles can easily be found through the “topic” flags on the right hand side of the site or use the search box at the top.


Email your queries to and we’ll make sure that the most appropriate person deals with your query as quickly as possible.


Phone us on 0161 212 1012 between 9.30am–5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these hours please leave an answerphone message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


As a member benefit, we have posted the entire Election Law Handbook (and a bit more besides) on the AskALDC section of our website.

The Count

Whilst your election campaign stops at 10pm on polling day, your work doesn’t. There’s one very important job still to do: making sure the votes get counted properly.

Election counts done so badly that the wrong result is declared are a fairly rare occurrence, but approaching the count in a calm and efficient manner will usually ensure that this doesn’t happen.

There is also a lot of valuable information that can be gained from the count which you can use for targeting and informing your work on the General Election campaign.

More information can be found here.

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