Webinar: how to Get Out The Vote with Connect in 2017

With less than a month to go before local elections across the UK, it’s time to think about your Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation.

Connect has plenty of tools to help with this, and we’ve been updating things to help make the best use of your data when it comes to targeting voters during the run in.

We’ve also done a fair bit of research as to what effect contact with voters has on their likelihood to vote.

The Connect team are running a webinar to guide you through this process on:

  • Wednesday 12 April, 6pm
  •  Monday 17 April (Easter Monday), 10am
  •  Monday 17 April, 6pm

You can sign up to one of them by following this link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4943368376417982722

The GOTV process uses a target pool called: 2017 GOTV Shuttleworth Tory or Labour facing.

We’re adding two new sub-groups to these to show you which voters in your Shuttleworth you have recently spoken to. Your mission will then be to move voters from the Uncontacted to the Contacted group. The definition of “Recent” is longer for people who have a more reliable past voting pattern. As such it benefits from having lots of Marked Register data to go on. If you have not yet entered data for the elections and referendum last year, it is not too late to do so!

Remember that you can add voters into the standard Shuttleworth or remove them from it by applying the appropriate Tags. For more information download the guide: GOTV Quick Sheets.


You can find all of these options and more under the Target Pools tab in Create a List.


As part of this year’s Kickstart event, we are running Connect training. This runs across two sessions and will give you the basic knowledge to use Connect, understand the system, make lists of voters, use Mini-Van and enter data. This session must be pre-booked. You will need to have your own laptop and have set-up a Connect log-in.

Kickstart is our highly regarded biannual residential training weekend. It brings together some of the Party’s most experienced and successful campaigners with campaign teams from across the country. The weekend provides training, mentoring, advice, networking and an opportunity to build and improve your campaign plans and knowledge to win elections.

We are delighted to announce that booking is now open for both of our 2017 Kickstart weekends:

  • Summer: Friday 7 July (registration open 6-7pm) to Sunday 9 July (around 1.30pm) and is particularly aimed at those with elections in 2018 and also includes a special Councillors Weekend.
  • Autumn: Friday 24 November (registration open 6-7pm) to Sunday 26 November (around 1.30pm)

You can book here.

Steve Marshall says

Hi. Is there a demo of CONNECT that is available to view online please? Having just been access to EARS I'm not sure whether it's EARS that seems unstable or my laptop, both extremely plausible

Alan Knape says

Are you running any one day kick start courses this year. Due to other commitments I can't make a full weekend but a one day course would be great!

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