School funding announcement is two years old

Commenting on the news that schools in England are to receive £2.4bn for extra places and building repairs, Shadow Education Secretary John Pugh said:

“The Department for Education announcement should not be seen as a sign of success but one of failure. All that ministers can come up with is re-announcing funding that was unveiled in 2015.  This is less a bold announcement and more the political equivalent of a microwavable meal – reheated so often it loses its lustre.

“This government is slashing funding for poorer pupils while spending millions on its own wasteful pet projects.

“It is a betrayal of families across the country whose children will be left on the scrapheap.

“While the majority of schools are facing crippling cuts, almost £1 billion is being spent on an ideological crusade to expand free schools and grammars.

“Theresa May promised to deliver for everyone, but is trashing our schools and building an education system that only works for the privileged few.”

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