Important Elections Info + General Election 2017 Campaign Kit

At ALDC we’re flat out supporting our members and candidates in the local elections on Thursday 4 May.

Thank you for everything you have done so far, but please don’t forget that a good result on the 4th of May is hugely important, and will only happen if we all keep up our campaigning, helping others campaign if we have no elections ourselves.

We’ve created a ‘one stop shop’ page containing all the bits and pieces that you’ll need for the last few days of your campaign all in one place.

We’re also obviously gearing up for General Election on 8 June too.

ALDC General Election 2017 Campaign Kit

We’ve just finished a great campaign kit for the 2017 General Election aimed at activists new and old. It contains over 15 guides and campaign sheets to make sure as many activists as possible have access to the information to help them campaign to win.

The pack is free. Please register on our website to receive a copy.

We want as many new activists to benefit from this information as possible. Please let us get the pack to the key activists or potential activists in your area by filling in their details here – or forward this email or this link ( and ask them to register.

We’ll be mailing the campaign kit, as soon as we get it back from the printers next week. In the meantime, PDFs of all the content can be found in the ALDC member-only File Library (Templates > Election time > ALDC General Election 2017 Campaign Kit).

Helping our members campaign

We are getting a lot of queries about templates and the Election Address. We are working on:

  • Templates and a bulk buy deal for the Election Address
  • Templates for surveying and General Election FOCUS

As soon as we have the exact details, deadline and prices we will let you know (later on this week).

The ALDC Election Helpline is open for both the local elections and now the General Election (call 0161 212 1012 or email Don’t forget that as an ALDC member, you can access the Frequently Asked Questions section on our website at any time.

Good luck with your campaigning.

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