Local Election Appeal – we’re halfway there!

We’ve raised over £7,000 of our £15,000 target to back an additional 50 wards we are fighting to win this May.

Thanks to the generosity of scores of ALDC and Liberal Democrat supporters, 20 seats are now receiving additional direct mail to help them win.

We’re now able to help:

  • Neil Mottershead tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Burnley
  • Emily Smith fight for traffic improvements in Abingdon
  • Beverley Baker defend her seat in Shropshire

I’m sure you’ll agree that on Friday May 5th we want to be seeing on the TV; hearing on the radio; and reading in the papers: that the Liberal Democrats are back. That the Liberal Democrats are again making significant strides in local government.

To achieve those headlines, we need to be providing support to seats where it will make the difference between winning and losing. We need to be making those decisions with local campaign teams now, so that we can provide the support to help them win on May 4th.

If you are able to help create those headlines. If you are able to support more people like Neil, Emily and Beverley, then please donate online: www.aldc.org/local-election-appeal

Or send a cheque made payable to ALDC, to: Local Election Appeal, Freepost Plus RTEG- LHLL-JYTG, ALDC, 23 New Mount Street, Manchester M4 4DE.

Thanks for your support.

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