National Libraries Day – This Saturday!

This Saturday is National Libraries Day, a day where we can all celebrate the role of libraries and champion their continued success. This will be the last National Libraries Day as in October we will celebrate National Libraries Week.

National Libraries Day celebrates why libraries matter. With over 280 million visits in 2013-14, going to the library is one of the most popular activities in the UK. More people went to the library than to Premier League football matches (13.9 million), the theatre (22 million) and cinema (165.5 million) combined. That is a staggering figure, one everyone who works in a library should be proud of, and should be cited every time one hears stories about library closures and general decline.

We all know times are tough, but the services provided by libraries are more vital and wide-ranging than ever before. For me, my library was a refuge, a place to go and delve into my imagination and most importantly all those books were free!

There are a few things you can do this weekend to show your support for these amazing places…

Visit your local library today and encourage others to do the same! It could not be easier. Share your visit on social media and encourage others to get themselves a library card and support their local library.

Use our simple MyCouncillor story here.

Look at some of the great campaigning ideas from around the country. Some areas have faced terrible threats to their libraries; here’s a selection of some of the best campaigns:

If yours is under threat, do not forget to use our Saving Local Services campaign pack – it contains focus artwork, website articles, Facebook graphics and template emails for you to use.

Stewart Rayment says

It was Lord John Russell's government that passed the first Public Libraries Act.

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