Scottish Kickstart – Bring Your Team

With only 120 days until polling day in the Scottish Council elections, it’s time to ramp up campaigning and get your team to hone its campaign skills for the push to get across the winning line in May.

ASLDC’s Kickstart is an election planning and campaigning event that’s tailored to meet the needs of Scottish candidates and campaigners. The event will be held at the Salutation Hotel, South Street, Perth, PH2 8PH on the evening of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4 February.

Bring your team and pass on this invitation to key campaigners

Registration is £25 for ASLDC members (including lunch); lunch is £5.00 for non-members. To register, call Clifton Terrace on 0131 337 2314. Sign-up online here.

At campaigners’ requests we have expanded the Scottish Kickstart programme to provide an option for those with long distances to travel to avoid a very early, wintry start. The Friday evening sessions will be followed by the option of a meal and social event.

Saturday will be a day packed with training sessions to fully prepare candidates, agents and campaigners for the final 90 days of the 2017 Local Council Election Campaign.

Training sessions will cover 

  • Campaign strategy for the final 90 days: PIG Persuade Identify Get Out the Vote
  • What is your winning line? How many votes will it take in your ward
  • Your 2 polling days: who and how to Get Out The Vote
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Connect
  • Facebook and using the advertising function
  • Target mailings
  • Knowing how are you doing in a large council campaign
  • Email campaigning
  • Doorknocking and phonecalls to voters
  • Key campaign messages
  • Developing a short local manifesto
  • Casework
  • Ask the expert sessions: PagePlus Connect, email, websites

A special rate of £45 for bed and breakfast has been arranged with the Salutation Hotel. Contact the hotel directly to book, on 01738 630066

For further details call me, Peter Barrett, on 01738 571527 or 07789 617551.

Hal Osler says

Thank you for putting this event on, could you just let me know how I can pay for it as I am not getting any answer from Clifton Terrace.

Thank you


Hal I think Cifton Terrace will open on Monday. I have asked ALDC to see whether they can process payments and will let you know tomorrow

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