Offer ending: Has your team got a FREE door-knocking tablet?

The latest ALDC offer to grow your team and the number of Lib Dem campaigners across the country is ending on Tuesday 31 January.

Members get a free door-knocking tablet when they recommend ALDC to a friend or colleague, who then joins. So if there’s non-members within your team, get them to join us and you can get a free door-knocking tablet.

And non-members, if you’ve been putting off joining us, now’s the time to sign-up and help a fellow member get a free door-knocking tablet.

“My new tablet is great and we have one more ALDC member in my local party now too! We use it when we go out and about canvassing by accessing Connect, the electoral database. We no longer have to print off canvass cards or input soggy ones, which has saved us time and effort.” Cllr Laura Booth from Stockport Council

How does the offer work?

When someone signs-up, they need to tell us the name and ALDC membership number of the person who recommended them; we will then send that person their free door-knocking tablet.

How do people join ALDC?

The easiest way is online via our website. Alternatively, people can call us up (0161 212 1012) and we can take their details over the phone.

Why should I join ALDC?

It’s half-price for six months. And you get full access to all of our services, which include advice, resources and training. Find out more.

What can I use the tablet for?

You can use it to take your team’s canvassing to the next level and you’ll never have to print off canvass cards again. The tablets are small hand-held computers which you can use to run MiniVAN – the free to download canvassing app which works with the Party’s electoral database, Connect. We provide instructions to download and use it.

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