Lib Dem members from LGA People and Places Board to meet new Head of OFCOM

Cllr Heather Kidd, lead Lib Dem member on the LGA People and Places Board (which covers rural and semi-rural areas) along with fellow Lib Dem Board members Cllr Sarah Osborne and Cllr Stan Collins are to meet soon with the new Head of OFCOM, Sharon White.

Issues around broadband in rural areas are likely to be high on the agenda, but what else would you would like them to ask? Email with any suggestions.

Kelvin Pate says

We have had very poor internet from BT , even though we are 20 miles from Edinburgh .
We are now part of a rural broadband company that supplies broadband through line of sight technology.
It maybe isn’t fibre but we get around a 10 mb connection which compared with 0.14 is brilliant .
Funding was through government and money from windmills at the top of Soutra hill.
In rural areas the cost of fibre installation will not be possible to every house but by bringing fibre closer to population centres (villages) then line of sight to connect to isolated homes/business is the way forward in my view.

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