Top 10 things you may not have known that we provide for our members

Check out this list of 10 things we provide for our members, so that you can make the most out of your membership!

1. Online advice articles

As an ALDC member you can access our Knowledge Base account and read any (or all – if you have the time) of our advice articles. From Facebook to Fundraising, including the entire latest copy of the Election Law Manual! We have 220 thought-filled articles for you to use whenever you want. Just click here to visit. 

2. Templates

We have over 1,000 official ALDC templates plus best practice from around the country. Just login to our website at and click blog, then file library to start searching. Or follow this link. 

3. FREE MyCouncillor sites

Free and easy to maintain, MyCouncillor sites are the perfect website for local councillors and campaigners. Just get in touch with ALDC using and we’ll build you a website perfect for keeping your residents up to date with local news. Take a look at an example here:

4. Advice by email or phone

Couldn’t find the answer in our Advice article library? Don’t worry. Every week day, a member of ALDC staff is ready and waiting to give you advice on whatever question you may have. Email us on and we’ll respond as soon as we can, or ring us on 0161 212 1012.

5. Kickstart (the boot camp for campaigners)

Kickstart is our premier event. A training weekend where we take care of accommodation and food so you can concentrate on winning elections. At Kickstart you’ll have a weekend of training and mentoring from some of the party’s most accomplished campaigners. We’re running two Kickstart Weekends in 2017: one over the summer, 7-9 July and one in the winter, 24-26 November. Early bird rate tickets for July will be coming out very soon!

6. MyCouncillor template stories

So you’ve got your FREE MyCouncillor site? We can help you with content too. You can find template articles to add to your community-focused ones in our file library, just search ‘MyCllr’ to find the current range – we’ll be adding more to coincide with important events inside and outside of the party. Template MyCllr come with instructions on how to use them, or you can take and change them to suit your needs.

7. Facebook group

Did you know ALDC has its very own Facebook group? It’s for members only and is a safe place to ask staff and colleagues questions. It’s one more way we support you and your local team to get the best result for local people in your area.

8. The Fighting Fund

The ALDC Fighting Fund goes directly to help local by-election candidates across the country. When you need a cash boost to help with your by-election you can apply here. If you’ve got that Christmas feeling you can make a donation to the fighting fund here.

9. FREE door knocking tablets

For a limited time only if any ALDC member successfully recommends a friend or colleague to join ALDC then they’ll receive a brand new door knocking tablet COMPLETELY FREE! Just get the person you’ve recommended to fill in the ‘Who recommended you?’ question on the online form. You can find the joining form at

10. Council group development

Group members of ALDC (local parties or council groups who pay together) can book support days from ALDC Development Officers. Development Officers can provide specific training or just help guide your group through decisions. We do ask that you let us know with a few months warning so we can make the day free for you. Get in touch at to book a session.

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