The 2016-17 funding round for G8 has been completed for English counties but the process is ongoing in Wales, Scotland and Cornwall. With finance provided by the G8 Committee, ALDC will be supporting between 1-3 divisions in every county of England in the run-up to the 2017 elections.

Over £50,000 of funding will now be made available to local campaigns in key areas.

This year’s funding round is the most exciting in recent memory – while in previous years we have focused on retaining key seats, this year sees us rebalance our approach towards an emphasis on gains for the first time in several election cycles.

Funding decisions were taken on the basis of extensive consultation between ALDC, Lib Dem HQ, and local/regional parties, and ALDC Development Officer and LDHQ Campaign Staff  are now making contact with teams on the ground to arrange for grant payments to begin.

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