ALDC Campaigner Awards – Nominations are open!

Each year, ALDC recognises the outstanding work of local Focus teams through our Campaigner Awards. Nominations for this year’s Awards are now open.

The Campaigner Awards are presented at the ALDC AGM at Federal Conference by a special guest. Winners in each category and our Overall Winner will receive cash prizes and a signed and framed certificate for their office! 

This year, after shortlisting, we will also be opening the vote to you! We want members of the party to have a say in this year’s winners and will be opening the vote to the public.

This year, our categories are:

Best By-election Campaign – We are looking for local parties that have fought effective and strong by-election campaigns. We want to see your literature examples and hear about your strategy for winning the seat.

Best Fightback – Whether you have overcome the odds of the last few sets of elections or are rebuilding your local party, we want to hear about your successes. Let us know how you are putting the fightback into action.

Best Innovation – We are looking for local parties that have succeeded in using innovative new approaches to campaigning, to develop a winning strategy or to build their local party. Whether you are using text messages, facebook adverts, or something else that is new and has added to your campaign, we want to hear from you. It does not need to be digital.

Best Literature Campaign – We are looking for local parties that have produced well designed literature with strong messaging, including photos.

Best Squeeze Campaign- While promoting the merits of your candidate is at the core of Lib Dem campaigns, a vital part of the campaign is to squeeze the votes of 3rd, 4th or subsequent parties to back your candidate rather than your main opponent. We want to hear how you put into effect a great squeeze campaign, share your literature and let us know how this changed the result in your ward.

Best Community Campaign – We are looking for local parties that have successfully campaigned with local residents to benefit their area. We are particularly keen to hear from parties that have engaged hard to reach groups and used innovative approaches to do this. 

Overall Campaigner Awards Winner – We are looking for local parties that have fought strong election campaigns and worked effectively as teams.  

To submit your nomination (and you can nominate your own party) with relevant examples of artwork and some photos to ALDC Campaigns Officer Claire Halliwell. Please fill in the linked form and send any supporting material to

This year’s Campaigner Awards deadline is Wednesday 31st August 2016 before we shortlist and then open it to the public vote.



Tracy best says

I'd like to nominate Malcolm Kelly from Liverpool Woolton, he lost his seat 2 years ago and had never stopped campaigning over local issues, with his fight he had turned Woolton around

Jane McQueen says

I would like to nominate Norman Lewis in the category of Best Community Campaign. Norman has worked tirelessly for years to help the people in the Chorlton and Chorlton park area of Manchester going above and beyond many times to ensure that people who needed help got the help they were entitled too.

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