Tell Us Your Candidates!

It’s election year, the ‘long campaign’ period has begun, and it is more important than ever that ALDC knows who your candidates are! We are here to help, and every Liberal Democrat candidate in May’s elections can benefit from our candidate support services.

For ALDC members looking for more information on selection and approval procedures, we have created a number of FAQs with useful information and there is a dedicated ‘Party and Membership’ section of the ALDC File Library with all the necessary paperwork.

ALDC also works closely with Lib Dem HQ to gather and share relevant information about local elections across the country and co-ordinates various types of support that are available for candidates and groups in different seats.

In order to do the best job that we can, we need to know who your candidates are!

Please fill in this short form with the details of any currently selected candidates in your area, and come back whenever there is new information to share.

The clearer our picture of what is happening, the better we can target our resources and provide reliable information to LDHQ when they ask.

Jackie Charlton says

I find the'candidatesform. It actually offers me lots of presidential forms to complete but not ALDC form

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