ALDC Fighting Fund – Donations and Applications Open

ALDC has a Fighting Fund that was recently set up to help Lib Dem campaigners fight key local government by-elections and to get campaigns going in development areas.  We are now able taking applications for grants from this fund!

It’s part of ALDC’s determination to reverse the trend over the last few years where we have more ‘black holes’, are standing in fewer council seats and are contesting fewer local authority by-elections.  We know from decades of experience that even a small group of Lib Dem activists can kickstart the success needed to one day win council seats and MPs.  We need more of this local level campaigning, the danger is that we’re seeing less and that’s where the ALDC Fighting Fund comes in.

The fund has been set up to help:

  • Local authority by-elections.  Help make the most of local authority by-elections.  If you’re fighting a by-election to win or it’s a ward that we are aiming to build up to win next time, then we can provide advice and a small grant to help.
  • Development areas.  We are also currently able to offer grants to people starting out by providing advice, training and a small ‘start-up’ grant to help a new team get going.  This is available exclusively to council areas or local parties with no Lib Dem councillors at present.

If you want to apply for a grant, please complete the online form available here.

Many ALDC members and supporters are making a regular donation to the funds. If you can help please donate here.

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