Kickstart: Thanks and Report Back

Our thanks to everyone who attended this weekend’s Kickstart training event, which was packed to capacity. Delegates enjoyed a full schedule of campaigns training and local group mentoring from Friday to Sunday.


Kickstart Report - Hilary Training

Kickstart packed in a total of twenty campaigns training modules, covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics, on Saturday and Sunday.

From “Lib Dem Campaigning from Scratch”, through sessions on raising campaign funds, nurturing your local activists, finding the right messages, and advanced canvass return analysis, every group was encouraged to send a member to as many modules as possible and to report back new knowledge to the group.


Every group was assigned an expert mentor to guide discussions on tactics and strategy, and to help refine (or in some places, begin to create) the local campaign plans for the 2016 and 2017 local elections.

Oldham Phone Bank

Kickstart Report - Daisy Phone Bank

For over eight hours on Saturday, the Oldham West and Royton Phone Bank was in continuous use. Led by Cllr Daisy Cooper, the phone bank registered hundreds of positive calls to local voters, and calls to over 400 Lib Dem supporters close to Oldham which generated 42 additional offers of help for polling week. All in all, a huge success – our thanks to Daisy for leading the efforts throughout the day, and to Charles Glover and the Manchester Withington team for the phone technology and expertise to make it happen.


Cllr Abi Bell and Lib Dem HQ’s Tom Smithard used the Kickstart plenary session to bring delegates up to date on the latest polling, research data and by-election results, and how we can best use data to optimise our campaign strategies.

Kickstart Dinner

Kickstart - Dorothy Dinner Speech1

Our thanks to Mayor Dorothy Thornhill for an inspirational speech on the abiding importance of local campaigning and staying connected to the communities that we all wish to serve. Thanks also to our delegates who generously donated to the ALDC Fighting Fund, raising over £1300 to assist with important by-election contests across the country.

It was a pleasure to see so many motivated Liberal Democrats in attendance at this year’s second Kickstart event. We look forward to seeing those plans put into action in the coming weeks and months, and hearing of the future Lib Dems victories that we will see as a result!


Jo Aylwin says

I was on Kickstart and would like to say a huge thank you for a very inspirational weekend - well run, good information and perhaps best of all being with so many enthusiastic people. I have come away fully motivated and even realise that I can do those phone calls!

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