ALDC Christmas Cards and Calendars

Many Liberal Democrats send Christmas cards to every house in their ward.  These are a good opportunity to remind people that you are there all year round, without a heavy political message.  People usually add these cards to the rest they receive and so unlike Focus leaflets they tend to be held on to for quite some time.

Many parties also choose to add an insert to the cards, usually in the form of a letter from the future local candidate or prominent campaigner. In the context of a Christmas card, it’s best to keep the content light and personal – no ‘hard’ politics, but a word about how you will be celebrating and your thanks and best wishes to those who work hard in our local community.

A Christmas message is a great opportunity to step outside of the traditional to-and-fro of politics and communicate with your neighbours and friends as an individual, rather than as a representative of a party.

Key features:

  • This is a good opportunity to remind people of the contact details for your local Liberal Democrat team.
  • These cards do not need to be addressed but should be stuffed in to envelopes so they arrive like other cards they receive.
  • Christmas Cards can be printed on a Risograph, but they are much more likely to be kept if you can afford to have them professionally printed in colour, the cost has come down dramatically in the last few years
  • For those with mixed communities New Year cards are an easy blanket delivery solution.

2016 Calendars

Calendars are a good way of making sure that your residents know that you are there all year round and a good way of giving them local key phone numbers along with a calendar and of course your own contact details.

Our templates

A5 Christmas card PDF
A5 Christmas card PPP

A5 calendar PDF
A5 calendar PPP


The Team at  Election Workshop have put together a selection of products, making it cheaper for all of us and ensuring a powerful Lib Dem fightback.

Print deadlines

18th Nov Christmas cards and calendars.

Copy and photo deadlines for artwork

14th Nov Christmas cards and calendars copy and photo deadline.

Bulk Buy Deal for Christmas Cards
1,000 £160
2,500 £210
6,000 £250
10,000 £395
20,000 £695
40,000 £1,050
Plus Postage and Packaging

Bulk Buy Deal for Calendar
1,000 £140
2,500 £180
6,000 £220
10,000 £340
20,000 £595
40,000 £850
Plus Postage and Packaging

Election Workshop are also offering artwork for the Christmas Cards free of charge (with supplied photo and information), and £49+VAT for the calendars.

If you are interested in taking part in the bulk buy deal, please contact Chris Kane – Election Workshop on 07896 729 714.

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