This year there are two sources of grants to help support your local campaigning.

The G8 scheme is funded jointly by the Federal, English, Scottish and Welsh Parties and is administered by ALDC. This year the G8 committee has decided to prioritise grants just for those wards that will help give us the best possible result in the 2016 elections.

This means that there is NO APPLICATION process to apply for a G8 grant and instead wards that qualify for the funding will be contacted by either a Lib Dem HQ Campaigns Officer or an ALDC Development Officer. The level of grants will vary and are only being given to wards we can genuinely win next year, that are the most marginal and which have a clear campaign plan.

Alongside G8 grants, ALDC also has its own Fighting Fund which is funded by donations from ALDC members. This is specifically aimed at wards that have council by-elections or where a ward is being built up from scratch in an area without any current councillors or where there are councillors in no more than one other ward in the council area/local party. You can apply for a grant at any time and do not need to have elections in 2016 but your local party cannot receive more than one grant in a year. To apply for the ALDC Fighting Fund please complete this online form.

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