The party’s remaining regional phonebank is offering a special deal to new customers in September.

The South West phone bank based at the Liberal Club in Barnstaple is offering a bargain rate of £10 an hour for phone canvassing – the normal rate is £15 an hour.  All phone canvassing is run through Connect virtual phone bank and so you will receive your data immediately and you can track how it’s going through Connect statistics.

The phonebank is run by life-long member and experienced activist Florence Yeo with a hand-picked team who have worked on Voter ID and Get Out the Vote operations across the country.  All money raised by the phonebank is then put back in to party campaigning.

To sign up for this deal please contact Flo at or call 01271 269439.  Anyone who uses the phonebank is expected to:

  • have a clearly identified contact who will act as the project manager to liaise with the phonebank.
  • a name and address of a person who can be invoiced and deal with payment promptly.
  • a script set up in Connect.
  • and able to grant access to the segment of Connect needed to make the phone calls.

Using a party phonebank is an excellent way of increasing the amount of early canvassing that you can do ready for next year’s campaign, and help the party at the same time.

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