Why not get a quote for your council group or local party?

What do group members receive?

ALL the individual member benefits – incuding half price for the first year on top of the group discount!


  • 12% off membership fees
  • Free mentor at group Away Day
  • Free membership for group researcher/political assistant

How does it work?

We normally require that all councillors join the scheme, although we can make exceptions in some cases – please contact us to discuss. It’s fine if your group is a local party with no councillors yet, we can do a personalised quote based on the number of people you want in your group.

We encourage groups to add other key people to their group membership – candidates, key campaigners and staff or partners and they can all take advantage of the discounts.

Payment can be made either by a monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit.

How much will it cost my group?

The cost is calculated depending on the size and status of your group, and then taken as a total amount: monthly, quarterly or annually – whichever is easier for you.

All your group will receive a 12% discount off the individual annual membership rates of £82.00 per year, reducing costs for current ALDC members to £72.16 a year or only £6.01 a month..

All new members of ALDC get will get a further 50% discount on top of the 12% group discount for the first year, so membership is only £36.08 a year or 3.01 a month! The group membership sub must then be paid for by direct debit.

Joint members (living at the same address) can be added for only an additional £8.80 a year.

Some of the group are already existing members – what will happen?

Great news! – for some groups this can actually mean a saving in the total amount paid in membership fees.

Members will not notice any difference to when they were an individual member – they still receive all the mailings to their home address and have all their own log ins – even keeping the same ALDC membership number.

We will automatically refund any unpaid parts of individual memberships on the commencement of the group membership.

If some councillors are already group members via another council we will remove them so that they are only charged once.

What should we do now?

See how much you can save by requesting a personalised quote by completing this form, or you can contact our Finance & Database Organiser, John Bridges on 0161 212 1012 or john.bridges@aldc.org and get a personalised quote for your group.

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