LDHQ National B4 Leaflet and bulk buy

National Record of Delivery Leaflet  full width

National Record of Delivery Leaflet  full width back


LDHQ have produced a leaflet that is not intended for localisation and can be simply ordered through the bulk-buy below or printed via the PDF’s in the download links.

The  leaflet outlines the party’s record of delivery and promise of more, to use in their General Election Campaigns.LDHQ are therefore offering a B4 National Leaflet through the bulk buy in three variants; English, Scottish and Welsh.

They can be used on street stalls, to deliver widely or as a handy tool for our canvassers on the doorsteps.

The completed artwork for the national leaflet can be viewed here.

Time Frame
Sign Up Deadline: 6th April 2015
Delivery Date: 14th April 2015

Sign Up Form – B4 National Leaflet

If you have any questions about this bulk buy please let Hannah know.

Hannah Burrows


2015 National ‘record of delivery promise of more’ leaflet  [B4 – full colour] LDHQ




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