Election Law Update – Commonly Used Names and Expenses Tracker

Cameron may “go” early

There a rumours that David Cameron may go to the Queen to call for the dissolution of parliament this week.  However early this may seem it will NOT affect the the election timetable and expenses deadlines already set out.

Commonly Used Names

In the past you were able to put a commonly used surname or forename that would replace the respective given names.

So my name on the register is  John Richard Bridges
John Bridges and Richard Bridges would both be have been acceptable commonly used options in previous years but are not under the new guidance.

The new guidance suggests that if I use Johnnie Bridges or anything that is spelt differently it is still allowable and would remove the second name “Richard” from the final ballot paper but using just your first or second names as they are on the register would not.

March 30th Update – . The electoral commission have revised their “new ” advice suggesting that they think they have got their interpretation of the law correct but it’s not for Returning Officers to enforce it.  For more details click here

Imprint infringements

The Electoral Commission have confirmed that Returning Officers are not responsible for investigating or enforcing imprint legislation and that it is a matter for the police. Most police forces will appoint an officer with overall responsibility for the elections and this officer’s details will normally be available via your elections office. It is worth using the dedicated officer as most police staff have little or  no knowledge of election law!

Expenses Tracker

LDHQ have produced a handy expenses tracker spreadsheet for the Short Campaign that starts next week.

It’s pretty good for the parliamentary campaign and whilst it does have provision for local election expenses it doesn’t split those expenses by ward. If anyone would like to improve on this spreadsheet, we’d love to circulate it!

Download it here


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