ALDC is currently looking to recruit a new set of ‘Regional Reps’ for ALDC in England. (There are separate procedures in place for Scotland and Wales).

This is a voluntary role, open to any member of ALDC, for two years in the first instance.

The role of Regional Reps is to give ALDC a stronger presence in each of the English regions. The job role would include:

Membership Recruitment and Retention:
– act as a channel back to ALDC to help maintain good links with members
– help ALDC identify people or groups of people who we can target for membership in regions and help follow this up.

Profile and Regional Links
– attend regional conference and help staff the stall
– provide training (if people are accredited trainers) at regional events.
– links with key people in the region and report back

– help promote the importance of local authority by-elections and standing a candidate within the region.
– help us keep up intelligence about forthcoming by-elections and prompt for candidates.

This is a voluntary position, but reasonable expenses can be paid. We are looking to recruit one Regional Rep in each of the ten ‘Lib Dem’ regions of England – but it may be that we can have more than one regional rep role in each region (‘job shares’) if that works best.

If any member is interested in performing this role please get in touch with
Tim Pickstone
Chief Executive

The deadline is Wednesday 8 October 2014.

Paul Chaplin says

Although a relative 'newbee' I see this as a good way of learning more and being of some use... This may be something that would interest me and may be of use in my parliamentary interests
Id be happy to be considered

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