ALDC has put together a timetable for the 2011 local elections on Thursday 5th May, including all of the key dates such as the deadline for nominations,

Some key things to note:

  • There are three sets of public holidays in the run-up to polling day.  The Easter Bank holidays Good Friday 22nd April and Easter Bank Holiday 25th, then the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April, followed again by May Day, Monday 2nd May.  This means that the “official” campaign is longer than usual and your campaign will need to take in to account both the advantages and disadvantages of the extra holidays.
  • The local elections are on the same day as the referendum on the Alternative Vote.
  • Places that have parish and town council elections will continue to have their elections on this day (see here for further information).
  • This timetable only applies to places where there are local elections, the timetable will be different for the elections to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, which take place on the same day.
  • This timetable assumes that the Royal Wedding is a public holiday and it agrees with the Electoral Commissions published timetable.
  • The date of the publication of the notice of poll has moved radically but this date is dependent on the legislation currently being discussed in Parliament being passed.

Download the timetable here (PDF)

Revised by John Bridges 16/2/11

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