On 6th May 2010, council elections will be held for:

  • 32 London Boroughs (all-out)
  • 36 Metropolitan Boroughs (thirds)
  • 20 Unitary Authorities (thirds)
  • 78 English Districts (thirds and halves)
  • 4 Directly-Elected Mayors

It is also widely expected that this will be the same date as the next General Election.
In total 4,229 councillors will be elected across these councils, with the current political make-up of these councillors as follows:

  • 1,738 Conservative Councillors
  • 1,400 Labour Councillors
  • 879 Liberal Democrat Councillors
  • 33 BNP Councillors
  • 27 Green Councillors
  • 169 Others

Of the councils up for election in 2010, the Liberal Democrats are defending majority control in Kingston-upon-Thames, Richmond-upon-Thames, Sutton, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Rochdale, Sheffield, Stockport, Bristol, Hull, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Eastleigh, South Lakeland, Three Rivers and Watford, as well as the mayoralty in Watford.

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