Thursday, October 9th is the day for the planned youth vigil “Lives not Knives”.

Between 3.30 and 4.30 (times can be varied locally) young people will be invited to hold a local vigil to show solidarity against violence and knife crime. In each community it is hoped that young people can get together in this way.

The silent but most effective “demonstration” by hundreds of young people in Islington/Camden following the stabbing of Ben Kinsella is an example of what we hope can happen. It was impressive to see young people, mainly in white shirts or tops, with just one or two banners showing that the great mass of people deplore and reject the use of knives.

Please can we all consider initiating a vigil in our own communities ? Permission might be needed to gather in a certain venue, the message will need to be spread (nearer the date) as widely as possible.

A word to would be appreciated. Chris Richards- 07749464058 is keeping an eye on developments !

Thank you for your co-operation. Roger Roberts – House of Lords.

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